"Making the Real Fanciful and the Fictional Plausible."

RWA Drawing Lab Edition/Spring 2017

The Doctors Were In: RWA Drawing Lab 3 & 4 June/ Presses Rolling Soon!!

Random Situations Wanted and Restaurant Reviews

- Dr. Black

Star Signs for the TRAPPIST-1 System

New Cloud Forms named in the International Cloud Atlas

Eleven newly identified classifications, including: Volutus, flumen, asperatus, cataractagenitus, flammagenitus, homogenitus and silvagenitus...and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!!


Scientists crack code for “Young Blood”: LIFEBLOOD INC stocks rise 200%

It’s barely two years since scientists at LIFEBLOOD INC announced that they had, with the aid of the tools provided by synthetic biology, finally produced a patented factory ready blood. This has proved in trials to be accepted by all blood types and should, says LIFEBLOOD INC, prevent any adverse reactions following transfusions.

Today they announced their patent on a revolutionary product that should change the way we see ageing.

“If trials are successful we foresee that YOUNGBLOOD (TM) will rejuvenate the older generation, providing a lift in energy and ‘feel good’ factor in a natural way”, said a company spokesperson, “We foresee that within 10 years having a YOUNGBLOOD (TM) transfusion will be as common as Botox today”.

- Theo Wood



Early May Bank Holiday Edition...

Images from roving correspondents (i.e., visitors to the Drawing Lab.)

Courtesy of LucianArt.com

Courtesy of LucianArt.com

Courtesy of Dorothy Flint

Courtesy of Dorothy Flint

From Our Roving Reporter in Wales: A portrait of Mrs Spinks/Solo Exhibition by Eleanor Brooks. 

- Anwyl Cooper Willis

An amazing exhibition of paintings drawings, sculpture and an installation of Mrs Spinks in her chaotic flat, carefully reproduced in cardboard. Mrs Spinks modelled for Brooks from 1966, until her death in 1975. This installation was first shown in 1973, in Camden - an advanced work for the time, which it was ignored by contemporary critics. It is a work of detailed observation and meticulous fabrication that includes a full-sized textile portrait sitting in the middle clutching a packet of Players No. 6 (above).

Brooks became fascinated by this unlikely and eccentric waif, who's restlessness and garrulousness caused Brooks to reassess her paining style in order to try and present her model truthfully. The paintings and drawings, looking by turn vulnerable, regal or calculating, attest to the intensity of the investigation. As Brooks said 'I saw her as a mysterious figure. I don’t claim to have penetrated that mystery, only to have celebrated it.'   

At the age of 91, Ms Brooks has personally installed her exhibition. Oriel Plas Brondanw, North Wales/ 9 April - 9 May.

Bridge Collapses under the Weight of Misguided Notions of Affection

2017-04-22 15.09.08.jpg

Vegans …your very own cheese?

Many people are turning to a vegan diet for medical and ethical reasons, but finding cheese that fulfills their criteria has not been easy.

With the new and expanding synthetic biology industry, it could be possible to produce vegan cow’s milk, a liquid that has the same molecular identity as cow’s milk, but without the need for an actual cow. This ‘milk’ could then be used to make vegan ‘cheese’ —  a cheese made from what is essentially real cow’s milk, only with zero animal involvement.

To create the proteins, scientists are studying animal genomes, choosing milk-protein genetic sequences, and synthesising those genes. The genes will then temporarily inserted into yeast to make milk proteins that will be collected to make vegan cheese. None of the vegan cheese genes will have been inside an animal—human, cow or otherwise!

A spokesperson for the food industry commented, “This will be one of the many ways in which the new SynthBio industries will be shaking up our perception of what constiitutes food”.

                                                         Theo Wood