To Permeate/Group Exhibition


Lynn Imperatore(UK), Lauren May (AU),  Louise Prevert (FR) , Karla Suler (IE), Edward Williams (FR)                                                                                     

October 20 – October 22 

Lite-haus Galerie + Projektraum                    Marestrasse. 4,, Neukolln, Berlin

The dictionary would define this phrase “to permeate” as action or element which passes through, seeps into, pervades. Each artist suffuses this sensibility into practice, each finds their way into unique method, media, and articulation. The work in the exhibition represents on-going processes which address various encounters with loss. By referencing intimate histories as well as testimonies of collective experience, these works endeavour to permeate limits of surface, diffuse expectations of memory, and saturate silence with tonalities yet unheard.