The Triangle: “Making the real fanciful, and the fictional plausible.” 

HATCH members near & far – along with visitors and general public in and around the Drawing Lab – are invited to collaborate on creating a mock newspaper, called“The Triangle” – whose tagline & philosophy is: “Making the real fanciful, and the fictional plausible.”   The look of the paper will recall layouts of old broadsheet papers – and will be filled with various fanciful items – as hand drawn image and text.


Contributors can file reports for us to illustrate, or submit their own inventions. Works-in-progress will be visible to the public as we work on it in the drawing lab and also online. Roving reporters & foreign correspondents are welcome. Watch this site for updates!

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RWA Drawing Lab 2017 "Fake News/ Real Drawing"


HATCH again participates in the upcoming Drawing Lab - the active practice space/component of the RWA's biennial drawing exhibition "DRAWN/2017". This is third iteration of 'Drawn' and its Drawing Lab programme -- and the third time that HATCH is included among the invited contributors. 

Our latest is called "Fake News/Real Drawing",where HATCH will set up a news desk in the Drawing Lab and invite HATCH members, near and far, along with visitors to the RWA, to collaborate on a mock newspaper of fanciful items.  Our newspaper will be called The Triangle, with a tagline: “Making the real fanciful, and the fictional plausible.”  Layout for The Triangle will mimic that of old broadsheet papers. Work in progress will be visible during sessions in the Drawing Lab -- as well as online.

Dates for HATCH include: 29 & 30 April 12-4 and 3 & 4 June 12-4.

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