PLaCE International




PLaCE International is a research consortium of creative, practice led, academic research centres and individuals that addresses issues of site, location, context and environment at the intersection of many disciplines and practices. PLaCE International is Co-Directed by Mary Modeen and Iain Biggs. 

PLaCE International is committed to investigating, re-imagining, and re-invigorating the following areas of concern: curating in and out of place; site-specificity and situated practices; creative intersections with urban and rural geographies; interdisciplinary approaches to renewal and the environment generally; and the intersections of memory, place, and identity - through its research projects, creative programmes, educational activities and international partnership

Thinking Through Drawing

An interdisciplinary education and research network which hosts drawing symposia, foster collaboration, publish on drawing and cognition and run educational courses and workshops.


The Drawing Research Network (DRN) was established in 2001 as part of the The Big Draw.  The DRN is an international network of individuals and institutions who are involved in some way with improving our understanding of drawing, through professional practice, education or general interest.

Illustration Research is a network of academics and practitioners with the purpose of promoting the cultural significance of illustration, and to create opportunities to share research into and through illustration.

TRACEY: Drawing and Visualisation Research is a site for drawing and visualisation research, with aims to stimulate, host and publish diverse perspectives on drawing and visualisation to/for a community of researchers, practitioners, educators and students. We advocate the value of drawing and visualisation in professional and educational contexts - and encourage participation and collaboration.  Our aims are facilitated through three central activities: as host for the Drawing Research Network (DRN), as an open access online journal, and as a project space.