Walking the Great Wall

[10:33 PM, 5/8/2017] Anwyl Cooper-Willis: An other wall walk up the road past terraced plantings of walnut trees which gradually give way to sweet chestnuts. Mostly quite young trees. A very steep ascent!! We wind up the road and take an earth path among the bushes completely failing to see the proper concrete one... Ip and up this walk takes us nearly two hours with lots of stops for breath in around 30C on a fairly cloudy day. My phone says we've only covered 4K when we finally reach the wall and find a lady with a stall selling trinkets and fizzy drinks!  The wall is mad teetering on these high narrow ridges it loops Up and down through the trees that have grown up around it. We walk along it through more or less ruinous forts lovely sturdy Romanesque buildings. The one we stop at has suffered some collapse it's front has fallen off and rubble has fallen into its back blocking the exits. A wobbly pile of the neat square blocks had been made against one wall so that one can climb through the collapsed barrel vault and up to the next bit of wall. This ascends at some crazy steep angle and seems to be covered with a perfect smooth pavement not like our steep bit yesterday which had good steps. We don't go up but are passed as we draw by a number of large hearty types, largely boys, Australian, Dutch, Chinese?