Temples and River Gods and Forbidden Cities

[3:42 AM, 5/6/2017] Anwyl Cooper-Willis: Friday a day of touristic exploration starting with a breakfast for champions (what else?)    

[3:57 AM, 5/6/2017] Anwyl Cooper-Willis: Then a bike ride. Plus points: Beijing is totally flat, traffic is not fast, weather was sunny and windy. Minus points: traffic is somewhat chaotic - each man for himself, pedestrians do not have right of way on zebra crossings, there are bike lanes but shared by parked cars, tuktuk type vehicles,motor bikes, pedestrians with pushchairs or other wheeled luggage and bicycle rickshaws, rules of the road do not apply... pass where ye may! And cars can turn right on red. Ah well following Rose made it less scary and I started to get slightly used to it by afternoon. So we went to the Houtong districts. Old Peking style areas single storey buildings narrow streets. The buildings and houses are organised around courtyards with only a small face into the road. Lots of congestion potential  cars just creeping and squeezing along among all the bikes and other vehicles and junk parked on the streets. Occasional large and grand buildings, temples and posh dwellings which have grand entranceways.          

[4:00 AM, 5/6/2017] Anwyl Cooper-Willis: Then lunch at a Younan place: lots of chillies and interesting salads and on to look at the Forbidden City, from the temple on a hill expressly built in order to show the populace the might of their emperor. We didn't go in.