Back to Beijing

[1:43 AM, 5/4/2017] Anwyl Cooper-Willis: Home t Beijing where it is gray and the air fairly polluted. Two glasses of wine (I haven't had a drink in weeks!) and two cats. Bad drawings no need t put up but I can't have a day with no drawing!!                                                                        
[12:00 PM, 5/4/2017] Anwyl Cooper-Willis: Today we couldn't go out. Huge pollution a sand storm in the Gobi so drawing eachother. X                                                
[12:01 PM, 5/4/2017] Anwyl Cooper-Willis: Tomorrow we will go out n find something interesting!

[11:34 AM, 5/5/2017] Steph Black: Lovely!                        
[3:41 AM, 5/6/2017] Anwyl Cooper-Willis: We did make a tiny foray into the outdoors - to the spa across the way for a post-Mongolian pedicure. Total distance walked on thurs 0.55k.